DIY: Birch Logs

birch logs

I’ve been on the search every fall and Christmas season for a set of birch logs.

And  A F F O R D A B L E  set.

Apparently they rarely exist, and if they do, I’m behind in the game and they’re sold out.

Here’s the Google Chat I sent my husband the other night:



I shared this little message on Facebook. I had friends suggesting where to buy an ax, or offer to drive the get-away vehicle. Apparently Amazon has quite a big selection of axes. Kinda shocked there.

Yesterday I made a quick trip into JoAnn’s Fabric.

Kidding. Those trips are never quick. And it’s not my fault that they sent me two coupons and had a 60% off Doorbuster. I shift the blame.

I eyed their 3 piece birch log with fake snow/ice for a good 5 minutes, chose to be well-behaved and not spend that much on fake logs, and wandered aimlessly down another aisle, and found birch log wrapping paper.

A N N O U N C I N G   I N SP I R A T I O N

What you need:

Birch Log Paper (found mine at JoAnn’s for $5.99 plus 20% off coupon, plus a 50% off one regular priced item coupon)  //  Scissors  // Tape  // Old wrapping paper rolls // Christmas music (I started with YouTube videos of Amy Grant circa 2011).

And a willing servant. Mine was 6 years old.

Find your old rolls from wrapping paper. Take your time. You’ll be surprised how many you might find. Personally, I found one roll in the garage (shhh…no one needs to know I wasted half a roll of perfectly good Star Wars Christmas wrapping paper), one roll in the basement storage room, two rolls in my daughter’s closet, and one roll in my closet.

Now begin. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Just size the paper roll next to the birch paper, wrap, and tape. Oh, and if you look closely in that image above, you’ll see the reflection is now Pentatonix instead of Amy Grant.

Be prepared for at least one meltdown on behalf of yourself when the assistant lays on the roll and nearly crumples all of the birch paper. Also, I told the kids they could help and call it a school art project, but that only lasted 2 minutes before I decided I only had so much paper and so much patience.

Did I say willing assistant? “Look, Mama! I made an H!!!!” Alphabet learning for the win! She’s been struggling to learn H, so I was quite impressed when she made this and knew immediately what letter she’d made.


There you have it. A twenty-minute, $10 DIY set of birch logs for the fireplace. If you’re going to set them in a bin of some sort, you can cut a little circle of either brown construction paper, or coloring white paper with a tan colored pencil and cut to size and tape on the end. Lucky for me, I put mine in our fireplace and couldn’t see the ends.

Two rolls of paper made approximately 11 logs for me. I made a few skinnier and a few bigger logs, as well as some shorter ones from the left over wrapping paper roll lengths.

But thankfully, no tree was harmed, no land was trespassed, and no axe was purchased from Amazon.


2017-11-13 19.02.31


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